Various small-scale models can be directly obtained from the point cloud.

From a 3D scanning, we create a 3D file of the item.

→ symmetry, enlargement or reduction of models.
→ direct processing from the point cloud ; or 3D printing production.
→ archiving of unique item.
→ creation of customized goods.

Point cloud of a scanned item made of glass


Main en verre Be scan

Customer’s item

Main nuage de points Be scan

Point cloud from 3D scanning.

Stéréolithographie Be scan

Stereolithography model


Scan of face

Visage scan Be scan
Visage nuage de points Be scan
Visage SLA Be scan

Visage maquette Be scan
Models, makeup or prosthesis studies, video games animations (creation of avatars)… : many applications are now possible.

Partial sculpture

Sculpture maillage Be scan
Sculpture maillage Be scan

The is the answer for broken items. After scanning the broken parts, the whole item is recreated.

Various projects

SculptureSculpture Be scan
Remote controlTélécommande Be scan
Sneakers Basket Be scan